Digital Marketing training course give you valuable background knowledge and hands-on experience to develop digital marketing plan, budget the digital marketing activities, social media marketing plan, email marketing, YouTube marketing, search engine optimization and prepare you for the Google, Amazon and other digital marketing courses online certification exams. Once you pass this exams, you’ll have a competitive advantage in the job market as a Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Expert, Social Media Manager and also work as Free lancer. 

Advance Certificate in Digital Marketing (ACDM)

This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of “Digital Marketing Expert” in online marketing sector and aims at building key competencies. Learn through case, studies, concepts, industry projects and tools.

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Certificate in Search Engine Optimization (CSEO)

Short-term Certificate Course in Search Engine Optimization teaches you best techniques for higher website rankings in search engine results. Learn to do on-page, off-page optimization and much more & emerge as a competent SEO specialist.

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Certificate in Social Media Marketing (CSMM)

Get professional Certification in Social Media Marketing. Learn how to create social media strategy for various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others. A course designed for the nextgen of social media marketers.

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Certificate in Content Marketing (CCM)

Professional Certification in Content Marketing teaching various aspects of planning and execution of content marketing strategies for greater efficiency, outreach and impact. Build your dream career with required expertise and skills.

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Certificate in Affiliate Marketing (CAM)

Gain the knowledge and skills to build effective Affiliate Marketing strategies to build online business model. At the end of the course emerge as a competent and skilled affiliate marketer. A program designed with insightful knowledge about the digital marketing industry.

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Certificate in Search Engine Marketing (CSEM)

Certificate course in Search Engine Marketing for professionals and graduates aspiring to learn and excel to run successful Search Engine Marketing campaigns across various channels. Professional Course with real-world experience to stay ahead in every step of your career in digital marketing.

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Certificate in Web Analytics (CWA)

Fundamental concepts of analytics and dives deep into web, social, content and mobile analytics, illustrating common analytical scenarios and how to use popular web analytics tools used by marketers across the major industry domains …

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Certificate in E-Commerce (CEC)

Explore the infinite possibilities of Ecommerce industry, learn how to use them to its maximum potential, gain insight how to start, manage an ecommerce business and much more. Well-defined course module for budding ecommerce specialists.

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Certificate in Email MKT (CEM)

Master the skills of advanced email marketing techniques and strategies. Learn how to draft and use email marketing tools for maximum output and influencing the leads. Know how to create brand awareness, build loyalty, customer base and much more.

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